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5 Rules About Posting Learned After 35 Years Online

5 rules of posting learned after 35 years online…

Below is a reply I posted on a social platform 5 minutes ago, after reading the very unfortunate reply of a police chief to a cute video of a girl selling a lot of lemonade to a biker club who was grateful for her assistance when one of their members was in an auto accident:

Some Social media rules I have learned since, well, when I 1st got on a computer back in ’84:

#1 remember anything put on the web might be, and expect it to, be there forever.

#2 avoid any and all political and/or religious discussions (trust me on this one),

#3 Sharing intimate things online is a bit like sharing private things in public

#4 never try to explain anything that requires subtlety or nuance in social media or forums, it’s like trying to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to a class of 8th graders using nothing but Post-it notes and a red and blue pen

#5 when in doubt, don’t.  Go find some Cat or Baby pictures to post instead, and if you mess that up, you deserve whatever life lessons (not involving violence or doxing) that happens afterward.

That is all, carry on…

A. ‘Yobi’ B. 9/21/2019, reply to social media posting