New Oil Pastel “All ‘Bout the Baristas”

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Art Day! Review: “Wait! Don’t press sen-“

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Reminder: National PTSD Awareness Month Art Day!

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A Few New: Kismat Charging, Zocalo Noir, Sometimesit by A. Yobi B.

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All about 7-PR11SOn

This gentleman at 7-11 was kind enough to allow me to take his photo knowing my hope was to paint it. Been trying to catch him for days now. An immigrant from India, I first met him at my closest 7-11 right after the new year when he started. He was so energetic and happy. He works graveyard most nights, and I have seen him attacked, almost robbed at gun point, constantly shoplifted from as he works all night, 6 nights a week, by himself. I have tried to cheer him up, or offer alternates so many times. I have almost stopped. I am so glad he agreed to this. Not sure the affect, but he was pleased when…Continue readingAll about 7-PR11SOn


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What Does “Service”, Mean?

Service. When I started the arduous process of getting my skill level up to something that resembles current web designer/ web design standards in order to build for the un-tech-savvy, aging Marines I was inspired by, a website I would be proud of, the, the first thought i had was, “well, what IS ‘service’”? At that time, I boiled down what I understood into that website’s “About Us” ABOUT US What you should know About US (The Marines) This is About Us, but, it is also about YOU. It is about every one of us who earned the title of Marine before setting out to learn our various military occupational skills and then being deployed to areas throughout every…Continue readingWhat Does “Service”, Mean?

About Us…

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In The Home Stretch!

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My Son, Aidan

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