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candidate for what?

Art Day! Review: “Wait! Don’t press sen-“

Here is the excerpt (oh, yeah-optional)

My Son, Aidan

At just turned 15,...

National P.T.S.D. Awareness Month

After YobiWorks made a brief presentation on June 10th, at the San Leandro, CA City Council notifying them of National PTSD Awareness Month, the Council felt…


Keep an eye on your friends.

Art day!July 7th

If you read it, it worked.

The Call

Art Therapy – Is It Really a thing?

Bearded teenager weighs in...


Here is my One Page Viz (Visual) Planner, it provides a simple. png that I can edit as I progress, while minimizing unecessary wasting of resources along the…

How Can We Be Funny When Everything Is So F’ed Up?

I was talking with my fellow writer Miss MacKay today about the events of the past weekend when she said, “I’m like so down about this. I can’t even be funny.”…

And Now It’s Time For A Little Fun

See any that particularly stand out for you? Comment below and let me know which one YOU think should be a painting!

Sketch Comedy Tour of YobiWorks backend

Sketch comedy vid, short


Most recent fun posts...come on in out of the weather!

Check it out

Another collectables!

Check it out

The collectables are exactly that! I wish I could keep them all!

Throwback thursday!

It's Throw Back Thursday! See the past, now!

Nature Proven To Empower Better Coping Skills

Well, it is Friday, have you seen wha I put up here for you??

The CHEck it: lois van baarle

Another amazing artist find for The Check It: Lois van Baarle!

Excellent Articles Don’t Condense Out of the Air, They Are Created

I learned the hard way: There are better morning routines than Googling people you envy and hating yourself as a result

Cpl Fox Takes A Tour of YobiWorks

A reporter is at YobiWorks touring for their upcoming podcast launch!

Art Day this Sunday from 2 PM to 6 pm!

Art Day is coming!

And Now, Some Meditation

Feeling like just another brick? Watch this for a minute of relaxation!

Artwork Updates

Updayes of recent art

They are watching, Night Poll

Without any of your data I can predict increasing features about you using AI. There was a paper recently that with 80-percent accuracy I can predict your same…

To keep you going…

To keep you going...

Portraits Update!

Portrait updates! Sabrina is next!

Sept is Veteran Suicide Prevention Month

So either God is at his Gym all day and doesn't have divine time to whisk up an answer, or no one is doing anything substantial to help stop this epidemic!!!

COME SEE MY CHEESE AT 3411 Lounge Tonight in Oakland! Cpl Fox Is Debuting!

You will have to experience, otherwise it's like trying to describe blue

New Piece


Yeah? It worked? You stopped and looked? Did you read this? If my wry & dry wit worked, then perhaps you WILL like my art, comedy, podcasts, etd, ad nauseam,…

Journal Much?

Sometimes ya gotta write it down

5 Rules About Posting Learned After 35 Years Online

5 rules of posting learned after 35 years online...

Pics update

Forget the last sneak peak, this is much much better!

New images from my new cartoon mini-series, The Cave 2.0!..find my signature tor a prize!

Cyber patrol urgent alert!!

This is no joke...please read, it may refer to you...

Prisoner 8:Has been re-named!

Sometimes names change...

Cyber Patrol Alert!

If any of this applies to you, I highly recommend reading and taking action..

Need some Funny? Already? Me Too…

Sometimes, when you feel like a DOH in rifle sites, a humorous video helps!

When in Doubt, Cucumber!!!

Well, watch if ya wanna know!

When You LEAST Expect It, or Simply, Thank You!

This is the "got a compliment, so compliment everyone associated with it" post...


Veteran suicides up to 21 per day! When will this trump the wall?


Ever Have A “Jerry McGuire” Moment?

"So, what does he do about this epiphany? Why he writes up a motivational manifesto, runs enough copies to leave everyone in the company their own copy,…

Another Cave 2.0 Livecast In The Can!

#livecast #thecave2 listen in as work through the challenges of learning to animate from scratch!

More Animation Storyline Ideas

New animated series concept

Sometimes The First Method WAS the Best

Hey Folks! Yobi, your DIY Animator here with a new update to the storyboard, 6 more seconds of animation, and a cautionary tail with animation for the caution!

The Cave 2.0: Sneak Peak!! Sabino

A Cave 2.0 character sneak peak.

YOUR DIY Animator: Episode 1,v2~ Starting Is Hard To Do, Easy

Join YOUR DIY Animator as he preps a large canvas board for use with oil pastel commissioned work. Thank you Bob Ross!!!

Almost Done


Compensation Question of Life

Each part is memory. Every facet, unique. From all of the parts, They form, Just a whole, Layered inDepth insight,

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day