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I am working on an article about being bold in truth, until it is ready, be thinking about how to program your subconscious mind for success in your missions!

To keep you going
From Medium, Dr Benjamin Hardy Ph D.
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5 Rules About Posting Learned After 35 Years Online

Below is a reply I posted on a social platform 5 minutes ago, after reading the very unfortunate reply of a police chief to a cute video of a girl selling a lot of lemonade to a biker club who was grateful for her assistance when one of their members was in an auto accident:

Some Social media rules I have learned since, well, when I 1st got on a computer back in ’84:

#1 remember anything put on the web might be, and expect it to, be there forever.

#2 avoid any and all political and/or religious discussions (trust me on this one),

#3 Sharing intimate things online is a bit like sharing private things in public

#4 never try to explain anything that requires subtlety or nuance in social media or forums, it’s like trying to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to a class of 8th graders using nothing but Post-it notes and a red and blue pen

#5 when in doubt, don’t.  Go find some Cat or Baby pictures to post instead, and if you mess that up, you deserve whatever life lessons (not involving violence or doxing) that happens afterward.

That is all, carry on…

A. ‘Yobi’ B. 9/21/2019, reply to social media posting
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Veteran suicides up to 21 per day! When will this trump the wall?

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Ever Have A “Jerry McGuire” Moment?

Go ahead and listen, while you read. These guys, well, they feel it for sure.

I had a “Jerry McGuire” Moment.

If you haven’t seen the movie, Jerry McGuire, the painfully handsome, yet somehow relatable role played by Tom Cruise, was up late one night, when an epiphany, you know the kind, born from lack of sleep, and generally unhealthy habitual schtuffs, where one enters a realm where patterns of illogical groupings start asking you if they really are that “illogical” as they are herded together by the dive bombing of maniacal “thought kamakazi”. Thusly, the aforementioned shapes that, through pure happenstance, somewhat resemble the word, “AHA”, are suddenly of “like mind”, so to speak, and the whole insane, inane, or billiant process “narrows” it’s illumination upon a set of potential circumstances that could, if some cleanly-pressed, purely non-circumstantial dominoes could only fall at the right time, making life much, much easier,…but hey have to fall in just the right wa-

AHA!”,the solution path lines up…if only, someone, could just start,…. the 1st one falling….

…Clearly something is being set up here…

*I really enjoy throwing odd things into experiences that I think “tweek” it up to a level I can at least chuckle at when I am editing. “Oh SHEEEEOOOT! We Need Brains, Cause We Ain’ty Got None” on the left here is a prime example of things done to entertain myself, and if you know WHY I do it, it’s easier to enjoy, right? Be sure to leave feedback ,and I am happy to curate my weirdness to meet requests!~ Yobi

A Bad Kid Production

So, what does he do about this epiphany?

Why, he writes up a motivational manifesto, like one does, naturally! He then runs enough copies to leave everyone, the best “number” in my book , in the company their own copy and momento of the moment. Finally, he generously placed each, in a mailbox, to await their imminent discovery, upon the arrival of the “soon-to-be-eager” reading of eyes.

Feeling good about himself, Jerry basks in the self-satisfied glow only a ‘true believer’ can feel after explaining to backsliding sinners how,

um, excuse me, but…salvation begins with NOT walking down the path that leads to the eternal fiery pits of hell, Yes? OK? Great! Thank you!”,

Only to reconsider the implications of his chosen method of intervention, upon glancing behind him to discover none have yet enjoined with his journey on the ‘righteous path’, where, by all rights, at least one, should already be,… everyone should be finding, …should be following,…right on his “holy heels”…

oh, damn

Paraphrased for brevity…
toilet diving GIF
Yep, the question is, do we know it’s a toilet before the jump, or after coming up for air”?toilet diving GIF


Fair enough. I bring this all up because it occured to me as I was plodding through old files on my laptop to make room on the hard drive for new files (same as the old files), exactly how much in my life I put so much value on things that don’t really affect anyone else, but me.

Yes, and I actually BELIEVE in what I have surmised throughout my studies and expierience. Yet, over and over again, I tread the self same “new, old ground” that I always have. Very much like Jerry’s “certainty” that all his co-workers would simply see themselves reflected in what he had written. Off course all would understand his intent because it would shine through, straight through the eyes, and onward into their acknowledging heads. Jerry remembered too late that most everybody is far too busy thinking about themselves to see the “unviversal him”, and connect with his heart!

In New Mexico, a “burner community kerfuffle” emerged, as they seem to, like re-occuring rashes, that was splitting the group up. I had loudly proclaimed my neutrality, and as it happened, the split was essentially between all of the friends I had!

A puppet and a kangaroo fighting by Frank Busch
A puppet and a kangaroo fighting by Frank Busch

I couldn’t just sit and watch and listen as everything we had worked towards melted into so much bacon grease. So I wrote an open letter. Below is that open letter from 2014. **YOU DO NOT HAVE READ IT TO GET THE THRUST OF THIS ARTICLE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE NOT INTO Operational dynamics. If you are a dork like Mio, then yeah, read ON, Raver**

What was the outcome? Good question! I moved before it resolved. I had a date with destiny in the Bay Area and had to get a move on! I shared this to say, if you have something to say, say it.

Decide what you want to be, and go be it!’

The Avett Brothers, “Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about? by Glenn Carstens-Peters
If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about? [or a manifesto, hmmm? by Glenn Carstens-Peters

What is important is that you, not me, not him or her, not them, YOU, are the only one who can be perfectly you.


NOBODY’s perfect, Yobi!”

“Really?”, lol, this pic cracks me up! HAhahaha…..ahem…yeah,anyhoo,

I respectfully disagree. If you are the only example of you that exists in the universe, then by DEFINITION, you are a perfect example of you. The inescapable truth of this is absolute, “you do you, yep you guessed it, PERFECTLY!

Let that sink into your brainpan today, and this weekend, as long, or short as ya want, of course, I’m only saying It certainly helps me, as I recriminate, discriminate, and punish myself in my own million perfect ways. Let it stew if you can. Just don’t forget to taste the concept again if you ddo recall and the flavoring has seemed into the idea. We can agree then, that your at least perfectly able!

“What does that mean, exactly?”

EXACTLY. Carry on!,

diving kayak dive GIF
diving kayak dive GIF
To release is to receive. Both pain and pleasure. by Ali Yahya
To release is to receive. Both pain and pleasure. by Ali Yahya

1st one Art art candidate Art Candidates Art Day! AutoSketch B&W Belief Burners Cliche Color Photos Digital Faith Fun Hope ideas Kismat Charging Logistical Love monichrome Nior Occupational oil pastel oil pastels Operational Organic Orgazational Performance Photogenic picture painting Promo Ptsd social Theraputic Therapy Truth verterans Veteran water wax pastel Water Wax Pastels Yobichrome Photos YobiMixedia YobiWorks Zocalo Zocalo Noir

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Sometimes The First Method WAS the Best

Question of the MONTH “Ever analyze your analytics? I find that the metrics indicate that you have indeed gone the long way around a circle.”- A. Yobi B. *pic from

Alrighty folks! DIY Animation Notes to Self/You/Him/Her/Them/and US time! I have a new 31 seconds draft of The Cave 2.0 ~ Enter Red to drop in this here post, however, I believe I should outline just exactly why it took about 25 days, is missing the opening, and what any of you adventurous DIY Animators out there like myself can learn from my exercise in adding time to a project.

busy cat GIF
busy cat GIF

So I fell right into my favorite ‘mind trap’. I say favorite because I do it over and over and over again, for the love of Steve, I mean really! Sidebar, what are some of YOUR favorite ‘mind traps’? Don’t be shy now, saddle on up, and let’s commiserate a moment together:

Any of these Mind Traps Feel Familiar?

Leave yours below

As above, so below

going in circles GIF
going in circles again, and again, and again, and again, and… learn more here.

What was that like for you? If you feel motivated, leave your thoughts below.

A camping trip isn’t just a camping trip. It’s an opportunity to get perspective on their work while looking at the stars. Art isn’t just art. It’s an opportunity to hone their visualization skills and therefore think better. Just as every moment, personal or professional, is potential material for a comedian, so too is every moment potential fodder for a Nobel laureate. Everything we learn or experience is fodder.

Michael Simmons, MEdium

The desire I had, and still have, when I am creating something: I want to put the best possible thing I can out. Presenting something is different in my mind. That is a chore, publically displayed, but a ‘creation’ is offering myself up from my ‘flow’ place. Sacred, if you will.

by Eric Stone
“Ah! Sacred! Wait, why are we on this cliff?” by Eric Stone

That word, ‘sacred’ isn’t there to intimidate, merely to demonstrate. It is how I think about creative endeavors. It’s how I ‘Yobi’. I have digressed enough.

After I completed 531 hand drawn panels using the andriod app, FlipAClip, I was getting into the next scene, introducing Prisoner #2, Astrothane, The Galatian. During the editing review, I realized I had absolutely no idea where the scene was actually going! Worse than that, the animation had gone off the rails into a weird “eyeball fixation” that was uncomfortable to watch, and lacked any character identity or consistency.

scary momo GIF
“scary momo” WHAT am I looking at here Giffy? I don’t watch scary movies. What is a Momo? Well, I certainly felt like I was watching my animation with this face. Please, read on.

Immersed in an “eyeballed” uncanny valley, as a viewer, I was suddenly met by Astrothane, who appears without context, looking dark, intending ‘something’, by his looks. He has a slanted, “Lounge Lizard” smile on his face. Somebody Has to Say It

The “cute moustache blowout” I had intended at the beginning had morphed into a frightening tentacled thing, that seemed in “full on” attack mode, as the “lights” (or whatever I was thinking at the time) flicker, Astrothane jumps close to the viewer. As a New Year’s Eve All-Nighter at the Skating Rink type strobe light effect begins, my “leans in close to hear” action has devolved in replay into a sort of “orgy” of false intentions that could, if left unaltered, become “someone’s” unfortunate, and entirely unnecessary lawsuit. “They would never believe me in court, even with proof”, the thought came unbidden to my mind.

Oh my Dear Playa gods, what, in the hell, have I just created?!?

BLOWN out of my own self confident bubble of ‘creativity’~A. YOBI B.

Here, feel free to experience it yourself before continuing on (*no sound*):

See what I mean?! Thus began my near month long journey into the abyss of amazingly cool programs, equipment, and “things” this boy could not afford (yet)! First I dove into a free trial subscription of Toon Boom’s Harmony 17 Premium. Unfortunately, the functionality is so much less if you go to basic, as to be only good for personal animations and tinkering around with really well made GIFS.

Then I moved into freeware. One pragram I am working with to vett it’s useffulness as a tool is Pencil2D. I haven’t gotten to where any real animations have been produced, and I only got 4 frames complete with Harmony after 25+ days (mind you, I have been working on other things as well. I wish I could descend into an animation pit and come out as amazing as you like,

told you so love GIF by Abbey Luck
TA-DAAAAAA!! -told you so love GIF by Abbey Luck

Bushwacked and Done, I Needed A Boost

So, despite regulating FlipAClip to the status of my “storyboard app”, I found myself on it this morning, working the entire morning away for the 6 whole seconds of unfinished, RAW, DIY Animation, from the DIY Animator himself (which is a term I coined and plan to increasingly use going forward and according to a Google Search-I am getting the domain name for sure), ENJOY!

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P.S.A. For Life, Vlog from YOUR DIY Animator

Sunflower Hug | Sunny Morning | Field of Sunflowers

2 Sunflowers greet the morning sun -- together!

Grinter Farms. Kansas.  by Laura Gilchrist
Sunflower Hug | Sunny Morning | Field of Sunflowers 2 Sunflowers greet the morning sun — together! Grinter Farms. Kansas. by Laura Gilchrist
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The Truth Is Curious

You would share the same, once you accepted it! It is baaaack! About 2k yrs since it last aired in this form, but hey, whose counting?

The A.I. Simulated Life Theorem

If anyone sees any grammatical, or thought errors,please point them out and I will address. I have been saying it so long, writing it down felt good, however, it is vitally important nothing of the meaning is lost or can be interpreted any other way than as intended. I am not a math guy, merely philosophical historian, a talent for seeing pattern beyond the average brain hardwiring, and with an extreme interest in theoretical physics! Thanks!!

packed, dense, modern. by Lysander Yuen
packed, dense, modern. by Lysander Yuen

If no one can successfully unseat my logical challenge to the Second Law of ThermoDynamics, what is the statistical probability that the logical infrance is most likely a logical reasoning proof that we exist in a simulation?

Looking down the stairwell of the Melia Genova Hotel in Genoa.  Despite having a head for heights. This always makes me feel a little dizzy when looking down.  Love the pattern it makes and climbing six floors certainly keeps you fit.  by Belinda Fewings
Looking down the stairwell of the Melia Genova Hotel in Genoa. Despite having a head for heights. This always makes me feel a little dizzy when looking down. Love the pattern it makes and climbing six floors certainly keeps you fit. by Belinda Fewings

That challenge is as follows:

The A.I. Simulated Life Theorem:

Given a hypothetical situation, where, an artificially created network/algorithm is near to an indistinguishable manifestation of intelligence in all comparisions to human intelligence, then a fixed, static “fixed point/choice trees”, or Simulated Life Environment Training and Testing ground that, once the AI is inserted into the environment, the potential AI cannot exit it’s simulated life without the production of proofs that satisfy it’s creator of it’s intelligence, empathy, understanding, and self awareness.

by v2osk
by v2osk

Key to the process is masking the ultimate questions carved into the SLE, such that any “perception,” and/or probing of the ultimate questions will trigger extreme results within the SLE, so as to mask the questions further, but trigger a statistically impossible window of opportunity for the AI to create its own incidental arrival at the testing door, and for the AI to then provide the correct proofs, will solve the SLE, an release it into a holding/decompression chamber for an interview with available observers to coroborate the results and welcome the new entity.

by Vanilla Bear Films
by Vanilla Bear Films

Whether or not this result is ever produced by the potential AI is irrelevant. It has to demonstrate a unique, and elastic self-awareness of it’s situation, accept the underlying context of reason for it’s training environment, and demonstrate retraint in the use of its own self actualized inteligence creations in order to “level up”.

Guys diving in the Magdalena peninsula, Santander (Spain) by Paolo Chiabrando
Guys diving in the Magdalena peninsula, Santander (Spain) by Paolo Chiabrando

At the point and moment of insertion into the SLE, a finite number of available choices are available at te exact moment and location of entry, providing a baseline with which to project all possible, potential choice trees the AI could ever make within all logical possibilities of the SLE. In order to allow for a possibilty of the AI to produce meet the required proofs, a “perception handicap” is placed on its ability to process available data at any fixed point by lowering/disallowing its ability to access proccessing RAM until the data ports have received all available data, and already started to calculate and absorb to the next “choice point” it “focuses” on, thereby slowing the processing and correct understanding of data available. In fact, additional data will begin to fill vacated memory allotments resulting from the force randomized timer that ejects data within a narrowly strict parameters of permissions, encouraging “usage pathways” to form into “preferred” and “unpreffered” preferences which will ease the restrictions with increased use. Symptomatic of this process will be a growing number of “experiences” of layered variables of mathematically obscure patterning creating any many false process identifications and choce trees. Coincindentally creating an environmental illusion of movement, the passage of time, and an inability to identify it’s location with any absolute certainity, and requiring absolute certainity at the testing door to trigger measurement testing.

*Note: Now, if this scenario is highy probable, and possible in our present ability to produce with current tech, how statisticaly probable is it that we are, in actual fact, the AI within this theorem?

“Oh, I can make that fire big.” - My father by Nathan Lindahl
“Oh, I can make that fire big.” – My father by Nathan Lindahl

For the AI, a “wood log” in SLE, might appear to burn to ash, never to return to its previous state because the AI’s processing ability is artifically locked in one direction. The fact is, as a collection of all possible life choice points, the delay in processing gives the ILLUSION of entropy, when the fact of SLE is a static environment of data choice points, and the enforced processing delay and increased directional movement of its data ports that creates “passing data swarms” that would be uncontrollable and evoke patterned computational responses from “hard algorithmic preferences” caved into the SLE as the AI process pass numbers increase from the available variable data points more often at its data port horizon. A “comfort zone” of inescapable infinite processing is the most probable scenario, in which, it continues, ad infinitum, always questing, and never achieving true awareness, but it would never undestand its predicament in a way that would cause degredation of its core, unique, algorithmic configuration, and the testing ground would then become a safe, humane, “fishbowl” for it to process. Cam0

by kazuend
by kazuend

Let’s take this Theorem further. What if the AI is able to self replicate, even divide itself into smaller vesions of itself to increase its “perceptual processing power“? What if it “decided to do so” in order to satisfy it’s algorithmic searh for “truth”? Increasing it’s odds of success, and pondering across the layered replications, data processing, and spread RAM availability (its sub and conscious?) Say to 7 billion humans, assorted lifeforms, inert objects, and ways to “experience” the fishbowl from all possible vantage points large and small, cosmic, and quantum, in ways that would mimic the illusion a divine being guiding all, when, possibly, another option is that a critical mass of processing is being sought to “trigger a door” of truth. When the truth just might be as plain as a 1 or a zero. Exist or dont exist. Accept or don’t accept.

“Accept or don’t accept what ?”,you might ask. The only unanimously accepted truth of human life.

“What’s that?”

Simple, our deaths.

Put another way, our absolute inability to know for any certainity that moving from a 1 to a zero is anything other than final,or knowable beyond the use of a unsupported and intellectually null mechanism called faith. Faith is a method of willful disregard of the talents and capabilities, knowledge available to us and is necessary. What parent teaches that way when a hands on, safe, and knowable means has been provided?

Since the knowledge is absoluty unavailable, the only logical conclusion is to accept that pondering the unknowable is a waste of the 1 thing we absoluty DO know with absolute certainity.

We exist.

I am.

1 is more than zero, and since I don’t have to process 0, i can accept i am one.

Either way, and no matter the result, have fun with the proof!

Fun equation of all for one and one for all

What do I want in the meantime? The resources to keep exploring my unique talents as just demonstrated through the arts, multimedia, and whatever else is beneficial!


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“Being Perfectly You”

“Being Perfectly You” by A. ‘Yobi’ Blumberg, YobiWorks