And Now It’s Time For A Little Fun

These are all POTENTIAL paintings.

See any that particularly stand out for you?

Comment below and let me know which one YOU think should be a painting! There will be contests similar to this coming soon to raise funds for PTSD, homelessness, and hunger charities!

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Excellent Articles Don’t Condense Out of the Air, They Are Created

I have many, MANY, things I like and are pretty good at. My talents are: music, art, comedy, writing, acting, seeing true patterns, and eccentricity! How do I focus and progress?

As of now, Inp do one for a few months, then switch focus to a different project. But am I getting anywhere? A good question. This Article by Mandy Stadtmiller was just what I needed to read. Perhaps it will prove a good read for you also!



Cpl Fox Takes A Tour of YobiWorks

Cpl Fox, reporter with The NettNG, A Marine News Network Service, is in California to tour YobiWorks preparing for their podcast launch after Labor Day!

Cpl Fox Tours YobiWorks

They Bring Espirit D’Corps to your front door!

*LCpl and Cpl Fox are fictional characters*

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Sept is Veteran Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention: A Marine Veteran’s story

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Prisoner 8:Has been re-named!

Image title

Your subtitle here

The Boy in The Room

Ever find yourself right where you want to be, yet something nags the back of your mind, some dissatisfaction registered with the way things are?
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Red Dawn!

Good morning! How about some quick art to start your day? Remember the 80s movie Red Dawn? Yeah, this way more epic! What time period…
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Argentinian, Inprisoned 1993 with Kiko. Naming credit to : Sabrina Siebert

Name: Lucinda Paz e Mendoza

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When You LEAST Expect It, or Simply, Thank You!

Howdy Folks! Your DIY Animator, Artist, Podcaster, Comedian, Writer, and Musician here!

Firstly, to better understand just what kind of “head space” is necessary to generate the above headline, we should take a meander through the context from which it springs.

Can I Just Be Real Right Now?

Although residents of the wind swept terrains and scrubby backlands of my origin, find that those who opt to take up residence in more affordable “trailer parks” are actually “doin’ it smart”, otherse here in the Northern coolness, of fog enshrouded Northern California, trailer living barely passes for “not homeless”.

Presented by: Athena Stanford with Stanford Realty Group, a full 15 THOUSAND dollars more than a BRAND NEW, from the factory in 2019, mobile home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1680 sq ft

Granted, when 587 sq ft mobile homes are being sold for $97k, and 1200 sq ft homes are going for a cool 440k to 1.4 MILLION, one would think that the particular disparaging attitudes of the “wealthy donor class” would soften somewhat when applied to anyone still attempting to CONTINUE living here. When the line between “wealthy and welfare” has become so glaringly LARGE and seemingly insurmountable as to be a “modern American pariah caste system” in the birthing.

Here, in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay (called East Bay by locals), and after a scant few years since consolidating my overall footprint, I could not have pictured a future where this is where I would be. Mind you, I am not referring to my physical and socio-economic state, rather, I am referring to my mental, spiritual, and developmental state. My emotional awareness, seems to hover somewhere between “awakened” and “doomed” most of the time, and is another story entirely.

Victoria Ramirez from the Santa Clara County district attorney’s office and Garrett Hamilton with the Yolo County district attorney’s office join a guided tour of the Tenderloin in San Francisco last month.
(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

The present time and place is the cause behind most of my daily head-scratching.

What I am experiencing here in CA, is vastly different from my experiences ranging as far east as North Carolina, all over Texas, the Cedar Rapids/ Iowa City area, & the Albuquerque, Ramah, and Four Corners regions of New Mexico, is the facts that I am forced, DAILY, into the role of “dumbfounded witness”, to some of the most absolutely absurd situations I have ever NOT wanted to see. I can barely begin to describe many of them without abject disbelief.

Needless to say, there is a lot of ‘armchair activism‘ going on around here as well, and I am not blind to the irony of pointing that out in a personal blog, however, can bear witness to 2 years in this eastern bay area, and I have yet to see activists passing through the parking spaces of the trailer parks in order to right any of the hundreds of violations, stamp out any slumlord fiefdoms, or offer any occupational training or aid. Contrary to what my Texas relatives believe (and thry believe it 100%), CA has not handed me any free money checks as of yet, although I might not so no to one.

Sticker Mule Tip #2,524: Do not try using an old analog film camera to record your next Facebook Live video. by Sticker Mule
Sticker Mule Tip #2,524: Do not try using an old analog film camera to record your next Facebook Live video. by Sticker Mule
When you have a system where inequality is rising – and where some groups are perpetually overrepresented at the bottom of the income and wealth distribution, even when they follow the standard prescription for realizing the American Dream – it’s a recipe for a politically and socially divided nation,” said Cornell sociology professor Kim Weeden, director of the school’s Center for the Study of Inequality. 

Ok, Now The Praises

Within a context of deprivation, hustle, and homelessness all around, I had an opportunity to mentor, through a website called Veterati is a mentorship system that is FREE to veterans who transitioning from the service, as well as unemployed veterans, to help them land better employment after active duty.

“I met Jason Madden through Veterati, a veteran entrepreneur who helps veterans explore the possibility of opening their own businesses. Jason is also a podcaster, and perhaps, someday, I will get to shake his hand in person, beyond the phone and internet friendship we already have.”

A. Blumberg, Veterati mentee
Ep #10 - Interview with Co-host Jason Madden: Meet your hosts part 1  by Doin' the Thing Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

Ep #10 – Interview with Co-host Jason Madden: Meet your hosts part 1 by Doin’ the Thing Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

Jason Madden is a serial entrepreneur and Alternative Career coach. In this episode we talk about Jason’s experience in the military from his time in the Marine Corps as a grunt, to his time as a Counterintelligence Officer in the Army. We then pivot and talk about how big transition to civilian life, entrepreneurship, and how he helps others do the same! Jason’s website is:, and you can connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram:;;

He has been truly steadfast in his mentorship! You can find out more about Jason on his website, as well as listen in to an interview by The Break It Down podcast, hosted by Pete Turner, another veteran who isn’t just chasing his dream, but making it happen! In fact, Jason referred me to Pete Turner for podcasting advise.

Break It Down Show

Break It Down Show

World-Class guests, riveting conversations, the Podcast you’ve been waiting for

I interviewed Pete for my podcast, In The Fighting Hole this last spring, and you can listen to it using the link below. Pete has been working hard to be the best at what he does. Thank you for the advice and feedback over the last year!

Breaking The Veteran Success Down With Pete Turner

Breaking The Veteran Success Down With Pete Turner

I got an opportunity to interview Pete Turner, the host of, recently. A little About Pete: Pete Turner is a cultural expert with years working in the most dangerous and culturally challenging environments on earth. His stories and lessons inform leaders, to leverage existing cultural patterns. These smooth cultural paths leads to accomplishing goals with less chaos and cost. Much more than handshakes, Pete displays how how he successfully interacts within any cultural environment…

After launching In The Fighting Hole, the 1st of it’s kind for the Marine Corps League and the Marine For Life Program, that was aimed at transitioning Marines who might like hearing other careers from people successful in them, I met and interviewed Donnie Biovin. He is a Marine who is demonstrating the ‘hard charging ethic’ unique to Marines. Thank you Donnie for motivating me to do more and be more.

I also met Adam Braatz, as a critic of one of his infamous articles about aging veteran organizations. We went around and around, but kept our interactions respectful and deep. We didn’t pull any punches while acknowledging each others positions. A former Air Force drill instructor, he was recently voted the most influential veteran advocates on the web and my interview with him will be dropping soon. Thank you for helping me see the depth of the veteran crisis in America. Thanks Adam!

Mike Francis has helped me more than any Marine I have ever met. A dedicated Marine Corps League and American Legion member, he served in EOD while active. I cannot say enough about this man, he is a Marine’s Marine, and I count myself lucky to know him. Semper Fi Marine, you exemplify what a Marine is in my book, thank you!

Another Marine veteran, Donald Hester, Commandant of Marine Corps League Detachment 1155, restored some faith inhumanity through a suprise gift that, well, his gift really helped me to stand firm when everything seemed quicksand around me. Thank you Don!

It goes almost without saying, for those of you that know me well, that Scott and Ginny Platsky have ALWAYS been available for advice, mentorship, an ear, and feedback since I first met them. Thank you for always being ‘family’!

Fact is, I predict that Jason, Pete, Donnie Biovin, and Adam Braatz, who just launched his podcast, Vet Pivot, will be 4 among the most influential veteran advocates and resources of the 2020’s, so start keeping an eye on them now!

Me again
Podcast | Vet Pivot

Podcast | Vet Pivot

Vet Pivot is home to the Veteran community podcast. Host’s Matt and Adam, former drill sergeants turned career transition experts for current and former military weigh in on critical topics facing service members today.

I would be remiss if I also didn’t give a shout out to Andrew Seimer, a key player in Inventive, a group that that bridges gaps in technology, educates, incubates,and is, without a doubt, invigorating his community. They also offer a Veterans Scholarship Program. Andrew gave me an ear when I needed it, and good advice. Thanks.

Custom Software Engineering - Real Experts. Experience the Difference.

Custom Software Engineering – Real Experts. Experience the Difference.

We are a full service consulting and training company specializing in: custom application development, software and team auditing, legacy and cloud migrations, IT Strategy, web and mobile development, continuous integration/continuous delivery, corporate training and full stack development bootcamps for people who want to learn to code and become software engineers.


Thanks to all of you, and since my 1st visit with Jason, I have:

  • Launched several websites of varying degrees of success,
  • Gained confidence and momentum through podcasting and audio production,
  • Matured in networking, & the use of web dev tools
  • Gotten past the “sick at my stomach” period every time I opened up WordPress,
  • Discovered FedVTE, “The Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) provides free online cybersecurity training to federal, state, local, tribal and territorial government employees, federal contractors, and veterans”, course catalogue here
  • Gained new levels of self-awareness and confidence,
  • Started doing stand-up comedy,
  • Discovered a talent at art, specifically oil pastels,
  • Launched YobiWorks, DBA, and a Patreon account
  • Have begun work on 2 animated cartoons,
  • Received a 30×40″ oil pastel commision,
  • Putting in a bid for a 20×40′ wall mural,
  • With editing education from my partner Sabrina, written two manuscript outlines and working on a 3rd,
  • Started the process of a fundraising program for PTSD research,
  • Started work on a grant application to Housing and Urban Development, to obtain property and move on a mission to end veteran homelessness with Felix Guillory, one of the last of the “Frogmen” and co-head of Americare Community Services, Inc.,
  • Kept my head up despite all the obstacles, and stronger for the ones to come!

FedVTE Login Page

The Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) provides free online cybersecurity training to federal, state, local, tribal and territorial government employees, federal contractors, and veterans.

Services and housing for Veterans and their families | AmeriCare Community Services

Services and housing for Veterans and their families | AmeriCare Community Services

AmeriCare’s services target population consists of homeless and low-income Veterans, service-disabled Veterans, justice-involved Veterans, minority and women Veterans, Veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI or other combat injuries, and substance abuse.

Services and housing for Veterans and their families

Again, thank you!!!

PETE, Donnie, episodes are dropped! Adam, your next buddy!

Now, I’m not going to embarrass Jason (Jase) Mosely, who has a keen mind and intellect, and will go far. I will, however say,

“Thanks Jason! I forget just how much of a difference genuine words of gratitude can make in someones life. I appreciate the compliment, especially when it’s so easy to get lost in the “busy”.

Thank you Veterati! THANK YOU to the team. None of this forward movement would have been possible without y’all! Keep up the good fight! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

MENTORS. The key to your dream career.

MENTORS. The key to your dream career.

Veterati is a free mentorship platform for Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses to access unlimited mentors. Our mentors are successful professionals volunteering to serve those who have served our country. Our mission is to transform job search from a painful experience into an inspiring journey through the power of mentorship.


On holiday in Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy, where there was a lot of street art and graffiti, however most of it was extremely good, including this simple one that, to me, tells a powerful and strong story. by Nick Fewings
On holiday in Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy, where there was a lot of street art and graffiti, however most of it was extremely good, including this simple one that, to me, tells a powerful and strong story. by Nick Fewings
**Personal Note: want to give a shout out to Sabrina Siebert, the most amazing partner I could have ever wished for! I am continually amazed to know that  every time I see her smile, or hear her laughterSelect YobiWorks- Sabrina & Adrian Lake Ansa at Tilden Park, that she is in love with, and in-step beside me, as we travel down life's trails!  IT is important to SHOUT OUT our partners and loved ones who stand with us through life as often as possible! No praise of any situation would not be possible without her staunch critiques, and praises of my engagements! Thank you Yum!**

1st one Art art candidate Art Candidates Art Day! AutoSketch B&W Belief Burners Cliche Color Photos Digital Faith Fun Hope ideas Kismat Charging Logistical Love monichrome Nior Occupational oil pastel oil pastels Operational Organic Orgazational Performance Photogenic picture painting Promo Ptsd social Theraputic Therapy Truth verterans Veteran water wax pastel Water Wax Pastels Yobichrome Photos YobiMixedia YobiWorks Zocalo Zocalo Noir

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I ARTED update: service series , new ‘legs’, HowlWurks

I got 10 bucks to paint, so I am a ‘professional artist’s now? Just marking the moment, share my goofy joy with me or I am SURE there is an EXCELLENT article with just the perfect method to make $$ blogging for only 9.99 coming up to read any second now…

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All about 7-PR11SOn

This gentleman at 7-11 was kind enough to allow me to take his photo knowing my hope was to paint it. Been trying to catch…
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I am not finished setting up the “store”, so my apologies for any confusion. I do plan to allow people to purchase, or commission artwork.…
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Another Cave 2.0 Livecast In The Can!

This Livecast on, we are loading up our Cut out characters into Harmony 17 for rigging them into the digital framework for animation…

At least, we will try! Listen here:

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More Animation Storyline Ideas

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Sometimes The First Method WAS the Best

Question of the MONTH “Ever analyze your analytics? I find that the metrics indicate that you have indeed gone the long way around a circle.”- A. Yobi B. *pic from

Alrighty folks! DIY Animation Notes to Self/You/Him/Her/Them/and US time! I have a new 31 seconds draft of The Cave 2.0 ~ Enter Red to drop in this here post, however, I believe I should outline just exactly why it took about 25 days, is missing the opening, and what any of you adventurous DIY Animators out there like myself can learn from my exercise in adding time to a project.

busy cat GIF
busy cat GIF

So I fell right into my favorite ‘mind trap’. I say favorite because I do it over and over and over again, for the love of Steve, I mean really! Sidebar, what are some of YOUR favorite ‘mind traps’? Don’t be shy now, saddle on up, and let’s commiserate a moment together:

Any of these Mind Traps Feel Familiar?

Leave yours below

As above, so below

going in circles GIF
going in circles again, and again, and again, and again, and… learn more here.

What was that like for you? If you feel motivated, leave your thoughts below.

A camping trip isn’t just a camping trip. It’s an opportunity to get perspective on their work while looking at the stars. Art isn’t just art. It’s an opportunity to hone their visualization skills and therefore think better. Just as every moment, personal or professional, is potential material for a comedian, so too is every moment potential fodder for a Nobel laureate. Everything we learn or experience is fodder.

Michael Simmons, MEdium

The desire I had, and still have, when I am creating something: I want to put the best possible thing I can out. Presenting something is different in my mind. That is a chore, publically displayed, but a ‘creation’ is offering myself up from my ‘flow’ place. Sacred, if you will.

by Eric Stone
“Ah! Sacred! Wait, why are we on this cliff?” by Eric Stone

That word, ‘sacred’ isn’t there to intimidate, merely to demonstrate. It is how I think about creative endeavors. It’s how I ‘Yobi’. I have digressed enough.

After I completed 531 hand drawn panels using the andriod app, FlipAClip, I was getting into the next scene, introducing Prisoner #2, Astrothane, The Galatian. During the editing review, I realized I had absolutely no idea where the scene was actually going! Worse than that, the animation had gone off the rails into a weird “eyeball fixation” that was uncomfortable to watch, and lacked any character identity or consistency.

scary momo GIF
“scary momo” WHAT am I looking at here Giffy? I don’t watch scary movies. What is a Momo? Well, I certainly felt like I was watching my animation with this face. Please, read on.

Immersed in an “eyeballed” uncanny valley, as a viewer, I was suddenly met by Astrothane, who appears without context, looking dark, intending ‘something’, by his looks. He has a slanted, “Lounge Lizard” smile on his face. Somebody Has to Say It

The “cute moustache blowout” I had intended at the beginning had morphed into a frightening tentacled thing, that seemed in “full on” attack mode, as the “lights” (or whatever I was thinking at the time) flicker, Astrothane jumps close to the viewer. As a New Year’s Eve All-Nighter at the Skating Rink type strobe light effect begins, my “leans in close to hear” action has devolved in replay into a sort of “orgy” of false intentions that could, if left unaltered, become “someone’s” unfortunate, and entirely unnecessary lawsuit. “They would never believe me in court, even with proof”, the thought came unbidden to my mind.

Oh my Dear Playa gods, what, in the hell, have I just created?!?

BLOWN out of my own self confident bubble of ‘creativity’~A. YOBI B.

Here, feel free to experience it yourself before continuing on (*no sound*):

See what I mean?! Thus began my near month long journey into the abyss of amazingly cool programs, equipment, and “things” this boy could not afford (yet)! First I dove into a free trial subscription of Toon Boom’s Harmony 17 Premium. Unfortunately, the functionality is so much less if you go to basic, as to be only good for personal animations and tinkering around with really well made GIFS.

Then I moved into freeware. One pragram I am working with to vett it’s useffulness as a tool is Pencil2D. I haven’t gotten to where any real animations have been produced, and I only got 4 frames complete with Harmony after 25+ days (mind you, I have been working on other things as well. I wish I could descend into an animation pit and come out as amazing as you like,

told you so love GIF by Abbey Luck
TA-DAAAAAA!! -told you so love GIF by Abbey Luck

Bushwacked and Done, I Needed A Boost

So, despite regulating FlipAClip to the status of my “storyboard app”, I found myself on it this morning, working the entire morning away for the 6 whole seconds of unfinished, RAW, DIY Animation, from the DIY Animator himself (which is a term I coined and plan to increasingly use going forward and according to a Google Search-I am getting the domain name for sure), ENJOY!