All about 7-PR11SOn

This gentleman at 7-11 was kind enough to allow me to take his photo knowing my hope was to paint it. Been trying to catch him for days now. An immigrant from India, I first met him at my closest 7-11 right after the new year when he started. He was so energetic and happy. He works graveyard most nights, and I have seen him attacked, almost robbed at gun point, constantly shoplifted from as he works all night, 6 nights a week, by himself. I have tried to cheer him up, or offer alternates so many times. I have almost stopped. I am so glad he agreed to this. Not sure the affect, but he was pleased when…Continue readingAll about 7-PR11SOn

What Does “Service”, Mean?

Service. When I started the arduous process of getting my skill level up to something that resembles current web designer/ web design standards in order to build for the un-tech-savvy, aging Marines I was inspired by, a website I would be proud of, the, the first thought i had was, “well, what IS ‘service’”? At that time, I boiled down what I understood into that website’s “About Us” ABOUT US What you should know About US (The Marines) This is About Us, but, it is also about YOU. It is about every one of us who earned the title of Marine before setting out to learn our various military occupational skills and then being deployed to areas throughout every…Continue readingWhat Does “Service”, Mean?


Here is my One Page Viz (Visual) Planner, it provides a simple. png that I can edit as I progress, while minimizing unecessary wasting of resources along the way to completion.

I used Sketchbook from, which is available for free. Autodesk also has expanded options available for a $10 subscription per month.

I open a clean Page in SB, then create as many layers as is needed, then simply upload each item to it’s own layer, then adjust and add notes as necessary, or wanted. It seems a good “Best Practice”, that has been deployed on most of my pieces in some fashion.Continue readingSERVICE SERIES, PC #3 – Update

Attention To Detail Is A Sword That Cuts Both Ways

I have had a paiting that should have taken no more than 20 hrs, end up being 64, because I have both, paid too much attention to detail, and too litte. This painting is beginning to show the fruits of my long labor to reconcile my two urges into a seamless, natural wholeContinue readingAttention To Detail Is A Sword That Cuts Both Ways

5 Rules About Posting Learned After 35 Years Online

5 rules of posting learned after 35 years online…Continue reading5 Rules About Posting Learned After 35 Years Online

Prisoner 8:Has been re-named!

Sometimes names change…Continue readingPrisoner 8:Has been re-named!

When You LEAST Expect It, or Simply, Thank You!

This is the “got a compliment, so compliment everyone associated with it” post…Continue readingWhen You LEAST Expect It, or Simply, Thank You!

Sometimes The First Method WAS the Best

Hey Folks! Yobi, your DIY Animator here with a new update to the storyboard, 6 more seconds of animation, and a cautionary tail with animation for the caution!Continue readingSometimes The First Method WAS the Best

YOUR DIY Animator: Episode 1,v2~ Starting Is Hard To Do, Easy

Join YOUR DIY Animator as he preps a large canvas board for use with oil pastel commissioned work. Thank you Bob Ross!!! Continue readingYOUR DIY Animator: Episode 1,v2~ Starting Is Hard To Do, Easy

Almost Done

Almost!Continue readingAlmost Done