New Oil Pastel “All ‘Bout the Baristas”

All 'Bout the Baristas
Zocalo’s Coffeehouse


I am not finished setting up the “store”, so my apologies for any confusion. I do plan to allow people to purchase, or commission artwork. Digital prints, and such. Thank you for your patience!

About Us…

Welcome to YobiWorks!

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to YobiWorks!

Here, I am exploring the meaning of “service”. As a subscriber, you get access to:

1) My artwork,
2) Updates to new art and photography,
3) Opportunities to invest in the future of YobiWorks,
4) Discounted opportunities to purchase digital art and photography prints,
5) 1st notice of upcoming events like our monthly Art Day! and Art night!
6) Opportunities to join fundraising campaigns that will benefit sufferers of PTSD, homeless veterans, hungry families, and others
7) Most importantly, YOU will have an opportunity to PARTICIPATE in the growth, direction, and mission of YobiWorks by becoming a CONTRIBUTOR!

Now that last statement would have had me thinking, “Ok, this is where he asks me for money.

If you did think that, no worries, who wouldn’t in this world we find ourselves in? If you didn’t have that thought occur to you, then bravo, you are correct! Also, you should meet Sabrina, my partner, she is the most illuminating, amazing woman I have had the pleasure of meeting, and if you attend one of our events, you will get to meet her as well!

I would like all of our YobiWorks folks to be participants and contributors.

What does that mean? “

That means commenting on posts, sharing with those in your circles who would appreciate an immersive arts, crafts, and socially mindful, charitable organization geared from an artistic veteran’s perspective. It means having an opportunity to “chime in” when decisions are being made and being HEARD. It means not just watching things happen, but being a part of things happening!

What does that look like?”

I am glad you asked! Our 1st core value is:

Have fun!”

If you aren’t enjoying what you are doing, why do it? I know it sounds simpler than it is, believe me, yet I spent the first 28 years of my adult life making “backup plans”, “building a safety net”, and “playing it safe”. That got me laid off, divorced, and wondering where it all went wrong! So I decided to be true to my loved ones, and my passions above all else. I may never be well off, but if I am happy, and leave an impact, then that is good enough! The 1st thing that is important is that we enjoy what we do, and have fun!

Some upcoming events and projects:

1) Release episode 6 of my In The Fighting Hole podcast, which can be found here:

2) Promote the upcoming Art Night!, this Sunday, from 5 pm to 9 pm, at:

The Veterans’ Memorial Building,

1105 Bancroft Ave,

San Leandro, CA 94577,

Where all you have to do is bring your smile! We provide the art supplies, and you have fun! From crayons to watercolor, acrylic paints and oil pastels to arts and crafts, we have a lot of art supplies to choose from!

3) Complete my current 2 painting projects, and launch the “For All Time” fundraising campaign, where the ones who pick the winning YobiWorks photograph to be painted have their names forever associated with the painting: either in it, on it, or with it.

Whenever I buy into something, I like to know something about the organization and people involved. You can read my short bio here:

About Me


Adrian ‘Yobi’ Blumberg
Flow Director: YobiWorks | NettNG
Liaison: Marine For Life Network
Host: In The Fighting Hole
Host: The NettNG
San Leandro, CA 94578





In The Home Stretch!

In the hone stretch
In the home stretch! Should finish today!

My Son, Aidan

Having just turned 15, he is more imaginative and more creative than I was at his age.


Recovery & Therapy

On Friday, June 28th, with the help of my partner, Sabrina,  I entered a “Baseline Recovery Mission”, at home.

The mission?  To return to the same mental and physical state I was in when my trauma occured. So, no cigarettes,  or meds. I have been coming off everything since last Friday.  So bear with me as I prep for starting PTSD Therapy July 23rd.


Smithsonian Day


Watch “TROLL MACE” on YouTube

New free social media troll badgering prevention system for immediate public release.

Affirmation for those suffering from Troll Mace
Unhomed Therapy

Art Therapy – Is It Really a thing?

"Probably Not", says a bearded teenager
“Probably Not”, says a bearded teenager


From the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) ____________________________________________________

About Art Therapy Art therapy can be beneficial to people of all ages, including adults who have emotional, cognitive, and /or physical disabilities. Our nation’s Veterans often return home with acute psychological or medical conditions that impair functioning, disrupt family relationships, and prevent reentry into the workforce. Others may develop chronic disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that require months or even years of counseling or rehabilitation. For Veterans who are receiving psychiatric care for PTSD and other emotional conditions, art therapy can be an effective form of treatment, either as a adjunct to other therapies or as a form of individual or group psychotherapy. Senator Bob Graham (FL) emphasized the value of art therapy with US veterans in The Congressional Record, stating: “Art therapists provide effective treatment and health maintenance intervention for veterans, focusing on all of their life challenges, such as mental, physical, and cognitive impairments. Intense emotion and memory, often difficult to convey in words, often are more easily expressed in images with the guidance of a trained clinician…Given the number of veterans gradually returning from the current war in Iraq, art therapy has the potential to assist them as a form of rehabilitation.” Members of the American Art Therapy Association hope that the following information will give you a greater understanding of how art therapy can be used in the treatment of our nation’s veterans and offers unique value in enhancing and improving mental health. ______________________________________________________________________ Art therapists use a a wide variety of art-based techniques in the assessment and treatment of adults. For combat veterans of recent or previous conflicts, art therapy provides ways to express feelings and experiences that are difficult to express verbally. As a form of psychotherapy, art therapy helps veterans communicate and resolve traumatic memories, relieve stress, and reduce symptoms of trauma-related conditions. Art therapists encourage Veterans to reflect on the meaning of their artwork to assist their psychological recovery, promote insight, and improve functioning. For veterans in extended care facilities or hospitals, art therapy helps enhance quality of life by providing a meaningful creative vocation to increase self-esteem and a sense of personal selfworth. Based on their knowledge of art materials, human development, and physical, mental, and emotional conditions, art therapists select specific drawing, painting, or sculpting activities to augment cognitive, psychological, and physical rehabilitation. Art therapy has been a valuable part of mental health services offered by Veteran’s Hospitals (VA) since 1945 when the Winter VA Hospital in Topeka, KS, offered art therapy as part of their psychiatric services to returning World War II veterans. By 1980, a job series was established to facilitate the hiring of arts therapists nationwide– the GS638 series for Creative Arts Therapists and Recreation Therapists. Today, art therapists are employed in VA hospitals and offer therapeutic services to military personnel and their families in hospitals such as Walter Reed in Washington, 1-888-290-0878

Unhomed Photographs

YobiWorks Photos!

Thought I would share some of my favorite photos that I have taken over the years, enjoy!

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