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Ever Have A “Jerry McGuire” Moment?

“So, what does he do about this epiphany? Why he writes up a motivational manifesto, runs enough copies to leave everyone in the company their own copy, generously placed in mailboxes to await discovery upon the arrival of soon-to-be-eager-eyes. ”

Decide what your gonna say, and go say it.

Go ahead and listen, while you read. These guys, well, they feel it for sure.

I had a “Jerry McGuire” Moment.

If you haven’t seen the movie, Jerry McGuire, the painfully handsome, yet somehow relatable role played by Tom Cruise, was up late one night, when an epiphany, you know the kind, born from lack of sleep, and generally unhealthy habitual schtuffs, where one enters a realm where patterns of illogical groupings start asking you if they really are that “illogical” as they are herded together by the dive bombing of maniacal “thought kamakazi”. Thusly, the aforementioned shapes that, through pure happenstance, somewhat resemble the word, “AHA”, are suddenly of “like mind”, so to speak, and the whole insane, inane, or billiant process “narrows” it’s illumination upon a set of potential circumstances that could, if some cleanly-pressed, purely non-circumstantial dominoes could only fall at the right time, making life much, much easier,…but hey have to fall in just the right wa-

AHA!”,the solution path lines up…if only, someone, could just start,…. the 1st one falling….

…Clearly something is being set up here…

*I really enjoy throwing odd things into experiences that I think “tweek” it up to a level I can at least chuckle at when I am editing. “Oh SHEEEEOOOT! We Need Brains, Cause We Ain’ty Got None” on the left here is a prime example of things done to entertain myself, and if you know WHY I do it, it’s easier to enjoy, right? Be sure to leave feedback ,and I am happy to curate my weirdness to meet requests!~ Yobi

A Bad Kid Production

So, what does he do about this epiphany?

Why, he writes up a motivational manifesto, like one does, naturally! He then runs enough copies to leave everyone, the best “number” in my book , in the company their own copy and momento of the moment. Finally, he generously placed each, in a mailbox, to await their imminent discovery, upon the arrival of the “soon-to-be-eager” reading of eyes.

Feeling good about himself, Jerry basks in the self-satisfied glow only a ‘true believer’ can feel after explaining to backsliding sinners how,

um, excuse me, but…salvation begins with NOT walking down the path that leads to the eternal fiery pits of hell, Yes? OK? Great! Thank you!”,

Only to reconsider the implications of his chosen method of intervention, upon glancing behind him to discover none have yet enjoined with his journey on the ‘righteous path’, where, by all rights, at least one, should already be,… everyone should be finding, …should be following,…right on his “holy heels”…

oh, damn

Paraphrased for brevity…
toilet diving GIF
Yep, the question is, do we know it’s a toilet before the jump, or after coming up for air”?toilet diving GIF


Fair enough. I bring this all up because it occured to me as I was plodding through old files on my laptop to make room on the hard drive for new files (same as the old files), exactly how much in my life I put so much value on things that don’t really affect anyone else, but me.

Yes, and I actually BELIEVE in what I have surmised throughout my studies and expierience. Yet, over and over again, I tread the self same “new, old ground” that I always have. Very much like Jerry’s “certainty” that all his co-workers would simply see themselves reflected in what he had written. Off course all would understand his intent because it would shine through, straight through the eyes, and onward into their acknowledging heads. Jerry remembered too late that most everybody is far too busy thinking about themselves to see the “unviversal him”, and connect with his heart!

In New Mexico, a “burner community kerfuffle” emerged, as they seem to, like re-occuring rashes, that was splitting the group up. I had loudly proclaimed my neutrality, and as it happened, the split was essentially between all of the friends I had!

A puppet and a kangaroo fighting by Frank Busch
A puppet and a kangaroo fighting by Frank Busch

I couldn’t just sit and watch and listen as everything we had worked towards melted into so much bacon grease. So I wrote an open letter. Below is that open letter from 2014. **YOU DO NOT HAVE READ IT TO GET THE THRUST OF THIS ARTICLE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE NOT INTO Operational dynamics. If you are a dork like Mio, then yeah, read ON, Raver**

What was the outcome? Good question! I moved before it resolved. I had a date with destiny in the Bay Area and had to get a move on! I shared this to say, if you have something to say, say it.

Decide what you want to be, and go be it!’

The Avett Brothers, “Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about? by Glenn Carstens-Peters
If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about? [or a manifesto, hmmm? by Glenn Carstens-Peters

What is important is that you, not me, not him or her, not them, YOU, are the only one who can be perfectly you.


NOBODY’s perfect, Yobi!”

“Really?”, lol, this pic cracks me up! HAhahaha…..ahem…yeah,anyhoo,

I respectfully disagree. If you are the only example of you that exists in the universe, then by DEFINITION, you are a perfect example of you. The inescapable truth of this is absolute, “you do you, yep you guessed it, PERFECTLY!

Let that sink into your brainpan today, and this weekend, as long, or short as ya want, of course, I’m only saying It certainly helps me, as I recriminate, discriminate, and punish myself in my own million perfect ways. Let it stew if you can. Just don’t forget to taste the concept again if you ddo recall and the flavoring has seemed into the idea. We can agree then, that your at least perfectly able!

“What does that mean, exactly?”

EXACTLY. Carry on!,

diving kayak dive GIF
diving kayak dive GIF
To release is to receive. Both pain and pleasure. by Ali Yahya
To release is to receive. Both pain and pleasure. by Ali Yahya

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