YOUR DIY Animator: Episode 1,v2~ Starting Is Hard To Do, Easy

Join YOUR DIY Animator as he preps a large canvas board for use with oil pastel commissioned work. Thank you Bob Ross!!!

From The DIY Animator

Sometimes The First Method WAS the Best

Hey Folks! Yobi, your DIY Animator here with a new update to the storyboard, 6 more seconds of animation, and a cautionary tail with animation for the caution!

Another Cave 2.0 Livecast In The Can!

#livecast #thecave2 listen in as work through the challenges of learning to…

Ever Have A “Jerry McGuire” Moment?

"So, what does he do about this epiphany? Why he writes up a motivational…

Veteran suicides up to 21 per day! When will this trump the wall?

Don't just zip by this! God damnit! READ IT! 21 VETERANS ARE KILLING THEMSELVES…

CARTOOn sneak peak!