How Can We Be Funny When Everything Is So F’ed Up?

By Jenna Crowley

I was talking with my fellow writer Miss MacKay today about the events of the past weekend when she said, “I’m like so down about this. I can’t even be funny.” It was a sentiment that I shared – and even when I happened to have a funny, Twitter worthy thought in the past 72 hours (which only happened like twice), it didn’t seem appropriate to be funny. But given how messed up everything is (there are still kids in cages, y’all), how can we ever be funny?

The fact of the matter is most comedy comes expense of something; a person or people place or process. And when something like what happened this weekend happens, it can feel almost wrong to make jokes at the expense of something or someone; like we are doing a disservice to humanity by being funny in a moment of tragedy, no matter how lightly we tread.

So the question becomes – how do we, a bunch of writers for a small website – produce entertaining content when we just want to curl up in a ball and cry (more than we usually do, anyway) because the world is a steaming cesspool of hate and violence?

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