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What Does "Service", Mean?


When I started the arduous process of getting my skill level up to something that resembles current web designer/ web design standards in order to build for the un-tech-savvy, aging Marines I was inspired by, a website I would be proud of, the, the first thought i had was, "well, what IS 'service'"?

At that time, I boiled down what I understood into that website's "About Us"


What you should know About US (The Marines)
This is About Us, but, it is also about YOU.
It is about every one of us who earned the title of Marine before setting out to learn our various military occupational skills and then being deployed to areas throughout every part the world, since the inception of the Corps back in 1775. That title, “United States Marine,“ that’s just a phrase. The title is utterly meaningless without the context from which it springs, the solid foundation on which recruits transform,

Is The Forge of SERVICE

We Marines carry within us a crystal-clear understanding of the motivation of service. It is imbued deep, through centuries worth of hard-tackling by battalions of drill instructors to create a well-honed, visceral crucible that breaks down the resistance of recruits, through squeezing, stressing, and pressing, so that within the Marines who emerge from graduation, that ingot of service has been transformed into a bonding agent we call “Esprit d’ Corps“.

Esprit d’Corps

This Spirit of the Corps. What is it? In its modern expression, it is a single assertion of brother and sisterhood among those who have prepared to share mud, blood, and dirt, going further still together to shared injury, pain, and death. The Corps has often been the 1st of the military to face the conflicts that threaten or call to us. It is within those conflicts, when finding ourselves before the gate of the final experience, stripped down of all prejudice, every experience past, all desires, dreams, and goals filled and unfilled, we find a truth known to those who have passed on before us, that all will pass through that final gate. What we have before then, is each other.


We will assist our brother and sister Marines. We will leave none on any of the battlefields of life if we are able. Politics, position, and religion are ever present in life, and noticeably absent from our Mission. All freely given aid from citizens is very welcome, but not required. Anything that will hinder us, or compromise the faithful execution of our Mission, should be set aside.


We have a Mission, and through it, we will honor the title of United States Marine!
From "About Us"- (closed)

So many lessons have been inprinted since last November 2018.

One of them is that I have a talent for oil pastels. The other week I started " "All 'Bout the Barista's", set in Zocalo Coffeehouse in San Leandro. The woman making my coffee is Jacquelina Arneta. Kevin Dittiannis(?) is the gentleman behind her. He is a jazz musician. So many stories.abtb updat 6-10-197-pr11son Update

Marine Bill
Marine Bill

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Bill has a very interesting story. Some of Bill's highlights:

  1. 68 years.
  2. "almost 7 decades of what?"
  3. 68 years with his high school sweetheart.
  4. Volunteered for the Marines.
  5. Afterward, drafted into the Army.
  6. Did two (2), count them, TWO Boot camps.
  7. Never went to war.
  8. Never heard of the Marine Corps League before 3 years ago.

"7-pr-11-son", is in "finishing" phase


Waiting for Gadot?

Select YobiWorks- Sabrina & Adrian Lake Ansa at Tilden Park

About Us...

Welcome to YobiWorks!

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to YobiWorks!

Here, I am exploring the meaning of "service". As a subscriber, you get access to:

1) My artwork,
2) Updates to new art and photography,
3) Opportunities to invest in the future of YobiWorks,
4) Discounted opportunities to purchase digital art and photography prints,
5) 1st notice of upcoming events like our monthly Art Day! and Art night!
6) Opportunities to join fundraising campaigns that will benefit sufferers of PTSD, homeless veterans, hungry families, and others
7) Most importantly, YOU will have an opportunity to PARTICIPATE in the growth, direction, and mission of YobiWorks by becoming a CONTRIBUTOR!

Now that last statement would have had me thinking, "Ok, this is where he asks me for money."

If you did think that, no worries, who wouldn't in this world we find ourselves in? If you didn't have that thought occur to you, then bravo, you are correct! Also, you should meet Sabrina, my partner, she is the most illuminating, amazing woman I have had the pleasure of meeting, and if you attend one of our events, you will get to meet her as well!

I would like all of our YobiWorks folks to be participants and contributors.

"What does that mean? "

That means commenting on posts, sharing with those in your circles who would appreciate an immersive arts, crafts, and socially mindful, charitable organization geared from an artistic veteran's perspective. It means having an opportunity to "chime in" when decisions are being made and being HEARD. It means not just watching things happen, but being a part of things happening!

"What does that look like?"

I am glad you asked! Our 1st core value is:

"Have fun!"

If you aren't enjoying what you are doing, why do it? I know it sounds simpler than it is, believe me, yet I spent the first 28 years of my adult life making "backup plans", "building a safety net", and "playing it safe". That got me laid off, divorced, and wondering where it all went wrong! So I decided to be true to my loved ones, and my passions above all else. I may never be well off, but if I am happy, and leave an impact, then that is good enough! The 1st thing that is important is that we enjoy what we do, and have fun!

Some upcoming events and projects:

1) Release episode 6 of my In The Fighting Hole podcast, which can be found here:

2) Promote the upcoming Art Night!, this Sunday, from 5 pm to 9 pm, at:

The Veterans' Memorial Building,

1105 Bancroft Ave,

San Leandro, CA 94577,

Where all you have to do is bring your smile! We provide the art supplies, and you have fun! From crayons to watercolor, acrylic paints and oil pastels to arts and crafts, we have a lot of art supplies to choose from!

3) Complete my current 2 painting projects, and launch the "For All Time" fundraising campaign, where the ones who pick the winning YobiWorks photograph to be painted have their names forever associated with the painting: either in it, on it, or with it.

Whenever I buy into something, I like to know something about the organization and people involved. You can read my short bio here:

About Me


Adrian 'Yobi' Blumberg
Flow Director: YobiWorks | NettNG
Liaison: Marine For Life Network
Host: In The Fighting Hole
Host: The NettNG
San Leandro, CA 94578

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In The Home Stretch!

In the hone stretch
In the home stretch! Should finish today!

The Collab Fab

My Son, Aidan

Having just turned 15, he is more imaginative and more creative than I was at his age.

Recovery & Therapy

On Friday, June 28th, with the help of my partner, Sabrina,  I entered a "Baseline Recovery Mission", at home.

The mission?  To return to the same mental and physical state I was in when my trauma occured. So, no cigarettes,  or meds. I have been coming off everything since last Friday.  So bear with me as I prep for starting PTSD Therapy July 23rd.

Art day!July 7th

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If it got you to read it, then, it worked!