The CHEck it: lois van baarle

Another amazing artist find for The Check It: Lois van Baarle!Continue readingThe CHEck it: lois van baarle

Prisoner 8:Has been re-named!

Sometimes names change…Continue readingPrisoner 8:Has been re-named!

CARTOOn sneak peak!

Here are some characters from the animated short storyboard, The Cave 2.0, after the sitting in the cave there is a brief view of Astrothane, the Galatian. That has been phased out. We meet Meh though.Continue readingCARTOOn sneak peak!

Another Cave 2.0 Livecast In The Can!

#livecast #thecave2 listen in as work through the challenges of learning to animate from scratch!Continue readingAnother Cave 2.0 Livecast In The Can!

More Animation Storyline Ideas

New animated series conceptContinue readingMore Animation Storyline Ideas

The Boy in The Room

Ever find yourself right where you want to be, yet something nags the back of your mind, some dissatisfaction registered with the way things are?Continue readingThe Boy in The Room