How to Stay Cool in an Outdoor Studio

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Ever Have A “Jerry McGuire” Moment?

“So, what does he do about this epiphany? Why he writes up a motivational manifesto, runs enough copies to leave everyone in the company their own copy, generously placed in mailboxes to await discovery upon the arrival of soon-to-be-eager-eyes. ”

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The Climb of Fear’s Terrorizing Height

Answer to If you had the power to have people believe as truth anything you said, how would you want to use that power? by Adrian BlumbergLoves not a “power” & neither is “fear” they are forces, two side of the same magnet. I relax into accepting myself “as-is”, warts,, personal history and all, not because I should, but because I found the truth of life. Experience the more, here, if you please. Respectfully, Adrian ‘Yobi’ BlumbergContinue readingThe Climb of Fear’s Terrorizing Height