Art Day! Review: “Wait! Don’t press sen-“

Art Day! First Sunday of ea month, VMB, San Leandro,CA 94578
Unhomed Social Share Therapy Meditation

Veteran suicides up to 21 per day! When will this trump the wall?

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New Artwork! Have I Leveled? 10 months of self training!

Been very busy! Take a look at what I have been up to:

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Red Dawn!

Good morning! How about some quick art to start your day? Remember the 80s movie Red Dawn? Yeah, this way more epic! What time period do you think ? #veteranartist #history #arttherapylife #yobiworks #eschatch #vetart #artoftheday #throwwaybackthursday
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The Boy in The Room

“The Boy in The Room” by A. ‘Yobi’ Blumberg, YobiWorks Studios
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The ESC Hatch Dispatch 6-13-2020