They are watching, Night Poll

Without any of your data I can predict increasing features about you using AI. There was a paper recently that with 80-percent accuracy I can predict your same big five personality traits that Cambridge Analytica got from you without any of your data. All I have to do is look at your mouse movements and click patterns […] based on tweet text alone we can know your political affiliation with about 80-percent accuracy. [A] computer can calculate that you’re homosexual before you might know you’re homosexual. They can predict with 95-percent accuracy that you’re going to quit your job, according to an IBM study. They can predict that you’re pregnant.

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By A.Yobi B.

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The Original DIY Animator, I am transitioning from over 22 years in the Operations and Logistics profession, and have jumped into the DEEP end of my original plans, laid down when I joined the Marine Corps and did my duty of Service to the people of the United States.
Seems I am not ready for my service to end, if I ever was, so I live and podcast, hold art and vocal collaborative workshops, create commissioned artwork, do photography, writing, and just about anything I can squeeze into a day!
If there is one thing I would advise, it would be to first, "Stop watching that television! Why watch lives lived, when you can live life, and give?"