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We Are Earth, An Appeal from The Collective to Itself (4:20 mins)

We Are Earth, An Appeal from The Collective to Itself (4:20 mins)


An Appeal from The Collective to Itself. 4 minutes & 20 seconds total
WE are Earth,
And Our Garden,
Does not seem well.
Eden cries out,
That it is not hidden,
Nor lost.
Marco Molitor on Unsplash

Eden wants to be seen,
Under Our feet,
Felt in Our blackening lungs,
In the unnatural grit,
In Our teeth when We drink,
And in other Deep Places,
Of which We do not speak.
MEAX on Unsplash
Whether YOU see, or sense is irrelevant,
Once OUR Collective Self,
First knew, Its own mortality,
Our absolute lack of ability,
To save, or ever after answer why,
Would our Creator make,
Such beauty, only to annihilate,
Our Earth,
Our Garden,
Our Blue Sky?
David Sutton on Unsplash

In fathomless sadness,
We refused the Knowledge,
Of Ourselves, within ANY Garden,
Choosing to live within the waterfall,
Of every single tear, from every eye falling,
In each, and all, and any coming year.
Matteo do Orio on Unsplash
We must release Our Fear.
The requirement of Life, is its Death.
Yet that does not mean,
We should part early.
If We stop what The Fear, shall never mend,
And in Love Born in One again,
Will All grow strong,
As Love Borne by All,
Once Again,... yes, Again.
Matte Adame on Unsplash

Let Us continue, with the only Eden,
We will ever have, and have ever known,
From the start of the Big Loud Bang,
‘Till the flat Ultra Vanta Black,
Freezes even the Thought of Heat,
And all Memory of Water, or Ground.
Vruyr Martirosyan on Unsplash

This is the moment,
We must choose,
or lie Forever,
Having not chosen, in Our Self-Made Prisons:
In eternal terror found.

The ESC Hatch by A. P.Y. Blumberg

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