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Communicating IS the Pattern

Communicating IS the Pattern


A quick, on the road and UNCURATED exposition on communications! I crave authentic engagements, I know there are others that prefer unmanipulated, authentic audio podcasting. Ypu will find that here.

Here We go again. what I want to talk about now is communication. Is this a wonderfully curated, the sound-produced, and beautifully presented communication? How no, it's not. I'm doing it in my car, did it in my vehicle. What is more important is that we communicate internally and externally or that it is a curated experience that we present? This is the theme for today apparently, the theme starting with on my way to service trading and animal rescue Foundation, Danilo, Ross's with my, my buddy sagacious Doyle do was listening to clubhouse and they were talking about listening, which inherently involves the topic of communication, communication is key. Communication is key is foundational, but understanding how and what we're communicating in the context that I exist. So I'm going to talk about it in terms in relation to my experience and then relate how I understand in the pattern that I've been researching that terms as a blind anthropologist, how it relates to the context that you exist in. You're necessarily exist in I necessarily exist within the context of my own subjective experience. In 2020, I, I launched out through death. It was, of course, the last thing that I put out into the world. Because it was the last thing that I went for, I didn't want to think about my death because I I was right. I am still afraid about how I'm going to die. I'm not afraid of death itself. Now is truth, the truth, of existence of reality of what it is what it means to be human within the world. First of all, nihilism. The idea and concept that things will go on in our absence is such a destructive concept. Because the point of fact is, it doesn't matter if things go on without our existence within it. It matters, not one jot if things continue once you're gone. If a tree falls in the woods, and there's no one to hear it, does it make a sound? No. Because there's no way for us to take a human concept that is sound in any way, understand in any kind of meaningful way. How another anything experiences where we have defined a sound, it has died of ego and hubris to even do so we're making the attempt, and ultimately, it ends in delusion in illusion and subversion of ourselves. Especially, that's, I've done it more subtly than I can count our existence, truth of it, my existence is I exist between the inspiration of my first breath and the exploration of my final one. That in between is where I exist. On the knife edge, when I have, in my experience, been able to straddle the realm of between my subconscious pattern matching, night auditing, problem-solving, abstraction mind, and my waking sense overwritten. Data intake waking mind without attachment to either an open to the context of the existence in which I live that It is where flow in life occurs. This is the basic pattern that this is. I'm going to give you the time line steps of how the most basic pattern of self-validation I have accepted to be true. Works, you go from childhood to adulthood. And the question where in response, I'm going to give you a two in a series, which query and response begins with, am I in the face of your mortality, the absolute uncertainty of anything beyond our reality. Regardless, and despite of any opinions or theories of reward or punishment, once I accept my mortality, I must, if I am going to be wise with myself and caring and loving, I must have a means by which I'm ready for my death at any time. That means is for me, being able to know when I die at the moment, I perceived that I'm dying, I will have known at that moment. Whether I did good enough, by my own estimation, whether anybody else has a different estimation is irrelevant to the process because it doesn't matter. They cannot die my death for me. I must die my death my own. I'm the one who must be okay with my own death. To be okay with my own death, I must know, at the moment, even if I don't realize I'm in the process of dying at that moment. Once I do, I must know that I have always done my best with the experience and context that I had at my disposal in each moment. That is, agency agencies absolutely required for me to be able to see it choose the context from moment to moment in which I live, to build trust within myself, or myself and with myself, to inform how I engage with others. The question goes from am I once I self validate, and I've accepted my own mortality, I've chosen how to operate and live in my daily life, whereby I can then be informed on how to engage with others, I become an I Am. If we are doing the if I am fully accepting, if I'm accepting and flowing, I know that I'm accepting that I am not only that I am but that I am valid in enough my own and by my own estimation because that is the one that matters, I will draw another I am into my engagements in whether or not they ever appear matters not what's important is that I am the subconscious question once I am that is being broadcast is are we with the right other self-validated and aware within their own context, I am engages and we make that question, or the question becomes in and of itself, through the engagements we are from are we then there are two of us and metaphorically from spiritual practice were two more gathered there and also the collective are we is the standing query in which we are all living in the subconscious mind is the same for all of us. It is in the waking mind of our experiences, the differing different data that we bring in and pull into the subconscious problem solving and processing night auditing mind that is different. But being two minds that exist within us, that make the conditions for self-validation. That itself is indicative of a pattern that we can find within behavior throughout human history in modern observations. And in nature itself. There are correlations when there's correlation. Doesn't matter how to spirit. The pattern match might seem to us the match logically means that There is a correlation, identifying it correctly and beneficially. That's the task. Because for us to be a beneficiary of the collective intelligence that is available to us, it is acquired and inherent in the pattern that is part of the collective. Be actively aware and actively choosing to be a part of the collective and be the benefit to themselves and to others. It's not the other way around. If I am if I'm attempting to be a benefit to others to validate myself, then I've missed it. If I am hoping to fake it till I make it, I've missed it. That's why it is simple. In its simplicity, we have been brought up all of our lives to overcomplicate miss what is right in front of us. It is either zero, which is neutral, lukewarm, not a benefit. Not taking a side negative, just the opposite of love. It's not. It's unbeneficial. It is not increasing the overall collective integrity or the subjective integrity and creasing. Subjective integrity is what increases collective integrity. That is to say, consistency. It increases the collective and subjective ability for us to abide more consistently over time. Communication is a whole body experience every single part of us. The two times that I have flowed, I can tell you this is that I relaxed into the moment. And I could see why or how people would come to the idea that there is anybody with a psychic ability or the reading minds where they're doing anything outside of ourselves. They have some special ability. It is not a special ability. It is a fact of our existence that we broadcast. And that what those folks are picking up on, but are Miss identifying as we and I have done many cases in instances is that total body communication. Whereby we broadcast who we are, what we want, where we think we are going well, we think about ourselves, and what we think others think about us. All of that is in the broadcast. We're pitching to everyone everywhere all the time. It is a vast importance that we know what we are communicating to ourselves. If we want to understand and know what we're communicating to others.